A new product has been introduced to astronomy.
Announcing THE XY FINDER.

The XY FINDER [Patent Pending] is a unique autoguider accessory that, through its intuitive design, easily enables the centering of guidestars on the autoguider CCD chip. It accomplishes this without the need for moving the guidescope, so that the guidescope always remains stationary and parallel with the main telescope. Your guidescope can now remain firmly affixed to and permanently aligned with the main telescope.
Setting up the XY Finder is a snap. The XY Finder is attached to the guidescope just like any other device, such as an eyepiece. The autoguider is then inserted and locked into the 1¼ inch eyepiece holder of the XY Finder.
Using the XY Finder is fast and easy. A suitable guidestar is first located in the guidescope's FOV. The XY Finder employs EW and NS directional knobs to move the autoguider up, down, left, and right in the guidescope's FOV until the guidestar is centered on the CCD chip.

The Guidescope stays stationary, parallel with the main telescope. The Guidescope can be securely held.
The XY Finder enables the easy location and centering of guidestars.

CNC milled from aluminum.
All parts are deburred, black anodized, and have a matte finish.
1¼" eyepiece receptacle type holder with M-42 threads
1¼ " eyepiece type front barrel with M-42 threads
Total travel for each direction is + or - 12mm.
EW and NS directional knobs for easy centering of guidestar.
Tension adjustments screws located on the 4 sides of the XY Finder
and on the 2 moving components.

Price is $259.00 and $20..00 for Shipping and Handling
Please contact Tau Ceti Co. for delivery times.

PLEASE NOTE: Design specifications and pricing are subject to change without notice.