The ST4-FMF is a custom made device designed exclusively for the ST4 autoguiding camera. Although the ST4 has been discountinued, we will continue to offer the ST4-FMF as an accessory for the ST4. ST4 users will still have the option of upgrading their ST4 with the Flip-Mirror-Focuser.

The ST4 Flip-Mirror-Focuser, is a custom made device for the ST4 autoguiding camera. The focuser retro-fits onto the body of the ST4, thereby becoming a solid-single unit. The ST4 Flip-Mirror-Focuser includes: A parfocal reticle, which is adjustable in 3 axis. An Edmund eyepiece, and a T-thread nose piece. The flip mirror also acts as shutter for taking dark frames.
The 3 axis adjustable reticle is shown here. These are available for earlier versions of the FMF. These sell for $119.00 and come with the Edmund eyepiece.
Price for the ST4 Flip-Mirror-Focuser is only $289.00
To view the XY-Finder that mounts directly onto the ST4 FMF, please click here
A typical setup for the ST4-FMF.
Here a customer has the ST4-FMF attached to his guidescope.
[Image courtesy of Keith Graham]
Please click here to view a CAD rendering of the FMF which shows some basic dimensions.