The XY Finder CCD-Finder is an accessory item that attaches to the XY Finder. The two piece accessory consist of a 1/4"-20 mounting block and a T-Threaded CCD-Finder barrel. The barrel is T-threaded on one end and has 1.25" ID for accepting small diameter lenses or lens assemblies, or even eyepieces.

The XY Finder CCD-Finder accessory kit is shown below. The 1/4"-20 mounting block is shown on the left and the CCD-Finder barrel is shown on the right.
In this image shown below, is the XY Finder CCD-Finder attached to a telescope. Attached to the telescope is a small piggy back mounting platform. The XY Finder is attached to the piggy back mount via the 1/4"-20 mounting block. Attached to the XY Finder are, an ST-237A and the CCD-Finder barrel. This type of arrangement is different than that of using a guidescope. Using the XY Finder in this configuration offers the ability to image larger fields of view of the sky, using CCD cameras that have small CCD Chips. Autoguiding, imaging mosaics, digital finder, are some of the applications that the CCD-Finder accessory kit lend itself to. Also lenses that have T-Threads or can be adapted with a T-threaded adapter can be used on the XY Finder. Simply take off the CCD-Finder barrel and thread on the lens. Lenses such as 35mm, Video, C-Mount, even custom made lenses can be used provided they can be adapted with a T-thread and have sufficient back focus.
A close up of the XY Finder with the
CCD-Finder attached to a telescope

Price is $279.00 plus 20.00 for Shipping and Handling
CCD-Finder Accessory Kit is $50.00
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