Shown above is the 2" Barrel version of the Universal Camera Mounting Adapter. This is designed to fit 2" size focusers. The adapter barrel has a 2" ID opening that accepts 2" size eyepieces. Also on the 2" adapter barrel are o-rings and a notch for securing the barrel inside 2" focusers. The o-rings will provide a snug fit, and the notch will allow the retaining screw [on the telescope focuser] to act as a 'stop' for the adapter barrel. A special 'T'-brace is used to fit around the adapter barrel.
Each UCMA is sold as a kit.
Shown above is the UCMA complete kit. Each kit is equipped with The UCMA ,a set of tools, black cloth hood, and an instruction manual. The UCMA shown above, is for the SCT type of telescope
A newer larger camera platform has been created. It is called the Video Platform. It is larger than the standard Camera Platform. The Video Platform has an adjustable pin that is next to the 1/4-20 screw. On some larger video cameras there is a hole next to the 1/4-20 mounting hole. This extra hole is to add stability for mounting the video camera. The adjustable pin on the Video Platform can be removed. The Video Platform has all the adjustments and securing screws as the Camera Platform does.
The SCT type Universal Camera Mounting Adapter principal parts are represented in this image. From left to right these parts are: The rear cell adapter, T-Brace, Camera Platform
and Rail.