Accessories For The UCMA And Pricing
Special 2" Version-
Universal Camera Mounting Adapter,
Price $299.95
Standard Universal Camera Mounting Adapter,
Price $259.95
Tall Camera Plate Adapter
Price $15.00
This is for short or small digital, cameras, where as the lens is very close to the bottom of the camera body.
Threaded Spacer, with Screw
Price $10.00
Price $17.50
This is for lowering the center height of the camera's optical axis, relative to the scope's optical axis. This piece mounts onto the T-Brace, screws are included.
2" Barrel Mount with, "T"-Brace
Price $149.95
Swicth from SCT type of scopes to refractors or newtonians with this accessory.
Standard "H"-Brace
Price $25.00
This piece is for lowering the center height of the camera's optical axis. It
has two positions for placing the Rail, and it mounts onto the T-Brace,
screws are included.
Centering Tool
Price $35.00
The Centering Tool is for aiding in the centering of digital cameras. Insert this piece into a 2" focuser or opening, and use a LED illuminator.
Camera Platform
Price $149.95
The Camera Platform can be dedicated for a particular camera. For using different cameras, use additional
Camera Platforms. Change from a SLR camera to Digital camera quickly.
12" Long Rail
Price $55.00
12" Long Rails come with drilled clearance holes and tapped holes. The tapped holes are for mounting the Rail onto a tripod. The Clearance holes are for mounting a small scope on the Rail.
Video Camera Platform
Price $199.95
The Video Platform has all the features and benefits that the Camera Platform does except that it is bigger.
Special "H"-Brace with 3.25" Long 4-40 Screws
Price $30.00
This accessory item is for mounting very tall or large digital cameras. Where as the Lens of the camera sits up very high from the base of the camera. The Special H-Brace uses a Standard H-Brace but it has extra long bolts that are 3.25" in length. In order to mount this piece to the T-Brace a Standard H-Brace part must be used as a spacing element. Using 2 H-Braces in this configuration gives 4 mounting positions for the Rail
Pricing and design specifications are subject to change without notice.